Friday, January 29, 2016

Poetry Challenge for the Weekend

Write your own "Three Things" poem inspired
by Carl Sandburg's poem "Sandhill People"

1. Start with the line "I took away three pictures"
2. Pick a favorite spot that you have visited, then describe three powerful images you remember.
3. Start a new stanza with the line "I took away three thoughts"
4. Describe three emotions or thoughts you associate with the images you described.
5. Flesh the emotions out by creating imagery that symbolizes that thought or emotion. Basically you are describing the thought or emotion with more imagery from the favorite location. 

If you get stuck, look at how Carl Sandburg crafted his poem:

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"Sandhill People" by Carl Sandburg

This poem is posted all over the internet so I believe it is out of copyright. But this version of the poem first appeared in the The Complete Works of Carl Sandburg.