Sunday, March 04, 2018

Slam Team Contract

2018 Slam Team Contract

Welcome to the team! We are excited to work together to create an amazing experience! As a member of the 2017 Slam Team, please read and agree to the following.
1.     COMMUNICATION: It is the responsibility of each slam team member to maintain and check a working email and check the team FB page. Please email your contact information (legal name, stage name, address, email, emergency contact, and cell phone) to

2.     POETRY SLAM INC.  You have been signed up for membership with Poetry Slam Inc at   But you must finalize your membership online. Please look for an email about this. Only PSI members can participate in NPS.

3.     BUDGET: As a team, we will strive to provide opportunities for the team to fundraise. Grants from last year are not available this year. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the team to cover any budget shortfalls. Southern Fried Registration is covered. Our goal is to raise enough to cover hotel and flight to San Antonio, Texas.

4.     Team Dues are $80 total due in 5  ($20) payments and are due on the following dates: 2/6, 3/5, 4/2, 5/7. Please send dues via paypal to or PAY CASH directly to Kimberly on a Sunday night. 

These funds will be used to help with travel expenses. Just like a high school band helps fund their travel, team members are asked to contribute this small amount *$80 total.
When your balance owed is over $40, you will receive a letter of caution. When your balance owed is over $60, you will lose your spot on the team.

5.     Donations are tax deductible via Wits End Poetry. Every team member will receive a sponsorship package.

6.     EVENTS: It is the responsibility of each slam team member to maintain a calendar of events and keep it updated. Please email with any out-of-town vacations/work as soon as you know. Please keep in mind, the months of May to July are very important for rehearsing group pieces.  You must provide 30-days’ notice if you will be out town longer than 10 days. Failure to do so will result in a letter of caution or removal from the team. Failure to attend events may result in a letter of caution.

7.     FUNDRAISER: Each team member will donate one feature to Wits End Poetry as a fundraiser for the team. Please speak with Kimberly for booking.

8.     PRACTICES: Each team member will attend practices. If you miss more than 2 practices you will receive a letter of caution and then after 3 misses, be removed from the team.
9.     After you receive a letter of caution, you can be removed from the team after your next infraction.
10.  Please note while we want everyone to have fun, we are attending these competitions with the intention of winning.
        This agreement is between the slam master, Moody Black and director, Kimberly Simms
         and the team member. Refusal to agree to these terms will result in removal from the team.

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