Monday, April 16, 2018

April 29 2018 Queen of the South Slam
hosted by founder Kimberly Simms

$400 in Prizes

To finish National Poetry Month with a magical bang - don't miss this exciting high-energy poetry slam which will spotlight emerging female poetic artists from across four states. This event, founded in Greenville by Kimberly Simms, inspired WOWps.

Poets should arrive by 7:00 pm for the draw.

Poets registered (order will be drawn on night of  event).
Tameika Smith Robinson
Shay Black
Iam Picturesque
Mia S. Willis
Elaine Hill
Nigeria Avanti
Ashlee Haze
Bria Davis
The Bride of Christ
Lady V
Jenice Pleasant
Solace Soleil
Adrienne White

To sign up please register here via PayPal:

EARLY BIRD Registration is ONLY $10. Goes up to $15 on 4/24.
Please pay via Paypal and be sure to include your poet name as a note.
Registration is now closed.


If you are interested in helping with this event, we need timers, scorekeepers, and ushers. Please sign-up online at OR email

Queen of the South Rules

The first two rounds of the competition are cumulative with the first round featuring 12 poets then cutting down to 8. The final round will feature only the top 4 poets and will be clean slate. Standard tournament slam rules apply. Prop, plagiarism, or costume violations will result in [-2 ] points from the score for that round. There will not be a tie breaker round, rather prize money will be split in the event of a tie. If there is a tie in early rounds, additional poets will advance. Poets should bring at least 3 poems. Poems do not need to be memorized but it will help your score. Learn more about slam at

The historical annual all women poetry slam held in Greenville South Carolina celebrates 10 years of providing a platform where the women in the south eastern region showcase their power and spoken word skills! This event was conceived in 2005 and led to the formation of the Women of the World Slam.

Questions email

First Prize $250
Second Prize $100
Third Prize $50

In the event of a tie, each 2 champions will each receive $175.
And the 2nd place will receive $50.

Standard tournament rules:
1. No costumes. You may not remove clothing items during your performance.
2. No props. You can not refer to an object during your performance. (mention earrings and pull on your earrings).
3. No musical accompaniment. You can sing but you can not use a musical instrument.
4. 3:00 minute time limit. Points deducted for going over.
Tips for slamming: