$500 Nerd Slam at Coffee Underground


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Nerd Slam. BUY TICKETS Host Black Phoenix. Do you have quintains about Korra, Harley Quinn haiku, limericks of Luke Cage? Well, bring them to the Nerd Slam, where you will face the Secret Council of Nerd Poets and the Dreaded Trivia Round of Doom (TM). Each poet should be ready to present at least one poem, and be prepared to answer questions about their nerd discipline. Slam time limit rules apply (3-4 minutes), but if you're in costume, have props, want musical accompaniment - GO NUTS. First prize $500 plus other nerdy prizes and gift cards. Produced by Wits End Poetry. All poetry styles welcome. Coffee Underground. 1 East Coffee Street. Greenville, SC 29601. 7:30pm.

First prize is $500 

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1.  Wayne Henry

Performers to be announced soon. Wits End Poetry is the only nationally certified poetry slam in SC.
Join us for the longest-running poetry showcase in South Carolina, celebrating 211 years of exciting poetry programming since 2002. Wits End’s Say What Sundays Poetry Events are at Coffee Underground at 7:30 pm in Downtown Greenville every Sunday night. 1 E. Coffee Street. Featured poets and poetry slams plus our weekly open mic. All poetry styles welcome. Shows often sell out, so get their early or buy tickets at Eventbrite! http://witsendpoetry.eventbrite.com. Follow our social media @witsendpoetry across all platforms.

Produced by Wits End Poetry, these poetry events are made possible in part by the generous support of the South Carolina Arts Commission and the Metropolitan Arts Council with funds received from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Commission. More information at www.witsendpoetry.com.

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COSTUMES ALLOWED. PROPS ALLOWED. This will be a bracket-style tournament for the winner. The tournament will be a trivia-style round in the participant's field of expertise (example poet 1 is an expert in Dragonball Z and participant 2 is an expert in My Hero Academia). Both will be asked two questions each based on their field of expertise with the one who answers the most moving on. If at the end of the round it’s a tie the participants will be asked a random general nerd question(a question not specific to either of their topics). The first one to buzz in or raise their hands will get a chance to answer. If they answer correct they will move on, but if answered incorrectly the opponent will move on The final round will be one poem slam off with a panel of 3 judges choosing the winner. The poem must be nerd themed and the poet's own works. Poets will have 3:30 seconds. I will stop the poet at this mark. No time penalties. Costumes and props are welcome Bout draw Poets must be present or have a proxy present for the time of the bout draw or they will automatically be the lowest seed. The higher seed will have the option to go first or second