Open Mic FAQ

Poetry Open Mic Held Every Sunday at Coffee Underground. Coffee Underground. 1 East Coffee Street. Greenville, SC 29601. Doors open at 7:00 pm. $10.

Poetry Slam Dates: 10/22, 11/19, 12/17.

Open mic will be limited to 10 slots on feature nights and 5 slots on slam nights.

Can I read my poem from the page? Yes

We welcome both poems read from the page and performance poetry on all subjects.

What is the  Time Limit? 4 minutes

Time limit is maximum 4-minutes per poet including banter:
- Optionally share the title of your poem and a one-sentence intro. (This poem is called XYZ and I was inspired by XYZ).
- After you read your poem, optionally share your Instagram or website or book title.
- No literary analysis.

Can you play a track for me? Yes

Please see DJ Southern Stylz to have your track played behind your poem or rap.

What about singer/songwriters? Yes

Yes, you may sing a song in the open mic but the four-minute time limit still applies. You may also play acoustic guitar. Please note there is no setup time or mic checks.

Can I make a speech or announcements? No

All announcements must be given to the host in writing before the show for consideration. After you read your poem, optionally share your Instagram or website or book title. But no event announcements or other community plugs. No speeches. 

Is Distributing Materials Allowed? No

You may leave materials on a table in the gallery for the audience to pick up, but you may not hand out fliers, cards, or other papers.

Can I make a speech or tell a story? No

No religious or political speeches. No literary analysis of your poem. If you wish to meet our constituents or make election announcements please contact Kimberly at at least 24 hours in advance for consideration.

Can I do a comedy set? No.

This is a poetry open mic. There is a comedy open mic on Monday nights at Coffee Underground.

What type of language or erotic poetry is allowed? PG13

While this is a free speech zone, please recognize this is 7:30 on Sunday night not "late night in the club". Please keep it classy and PG13. Young adults do attend our events. No graphic violence or erotica.

How can I interact with the show? Clap or snap after each poem.

This is a supportive environment and an opportunity to listen to other diverse voices. No heckling. No announcements from the audience. Please take phone calls and have conversations outside in the gallery.